prince charming


just in case you needed a ridley fix…i wanted to share a few recent snaps of our darling little dude. seriously, he’s so darn dreamy. a chap with a hearty dash of sassy and a whole lot of sweetness. ahem, that smile? i meeeeeaaaaannnn. does it get any cuter? nope. he’s the bestest and handsomest and has us just where we wants us…

happy monday!

IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399

just in case you had any doubts, let these pics serve as proof that elinor is much too cool. she wanted to wear not only her snazzy bracelets and fabulous ponytail and chic shades, but her very best sassy expressions. she’s a pro at looking cute.

so, how was your weekend? we had a great one. after a busy and full week, we somehow managed the ideal blend of activity and rest this weekend. that almost never happens!

friday night was all about unwinding with a tasty dinner at home followed by big bowls of popcorn and family movie watching.

on saturday, i woke ridley for his morning feeding and then put him back down for a nap (that’s the life…wake up for some breakfast then take a morning nap. sheesh.) and laced up for a little run. my pace was way way off and i was super red-faced when i returned, but it felt good to get out there again. mostly, i just wanted to see what i could do. i stopped running at about 18 weeks in favor of my go-to-in-home routine and some yoga. so this run felt super foreign and totally invigorating. five miles. done. and for the record, i will probably hang up the runners for another couple of months until it isn’t so brutal outside. well, we’ll see. i am a bit of an endorphin junkie, after all. after some breakfast for the fam (breakfast number two for the ridley man), we all hopped in the car for some errands and grocery shopping. aaaaaand the rest of the day was pretty much chill. we played and tidied up and did laundry and did some work and napped and splish-splashed a bit. perfection.

we did things a little differently on sunday. after receiving an invitation to watch the yankee-twins game at auntie rachel and uncle nathan’s place, we decided to spend the better part of the day sipping homemade lattes and eating bagels and lox and fruit salad, and watching baseball. ridley rocked his pinstripes in honor of the occasion and elinor sported her purple baseball t-shirt. we totally got into it. and it was such a leisurely and lovely morning. easy conversation and good food and a win for the yankees. so glad that ridley’s first baseball game was such a success! and then, back home for late afternoon naps and dinner and snuggles and playtime. nothing fussy. but all the best things. the things that i love about weekends with my family. feeling content and recharged and all-around happy.

happy monday! here’s to a wonderful week!


ponder | the lion, the witch and the wardrobe


“Then he isn’t safe?” said Lucy.

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver; “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

C.S. Lewis – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

this is one of my favorites from the chronicles of narnia. it is so easy to take a laid-back approach to God. we get caught up in the Abba Father and forget about the righteous king, the all-consuming fire, the alpha and omega. while we are free to approach the throne with confidence, we should also approach it with reverence due to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

our God is not safe. He wields a fiery sword. He is the perfect judge. He is all holy. but our king, our king is good. may i never lose sight of this. may i be encouraged that i serve a good God. a kind Father. but may i not let my faith be lax in response to His benevolence. may i live before the face of God in a manner that is mindful of who He is and who i am. and who i am not.

coram Deo.

the cousins

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380

on sunday, the crew met up at my folks’ place for some birthday celebrating (yay for birthdays!). we enjoyed a home-recreation of the best of the menu at true foods kitchen, thanks to my sister and mom (GREAT idea, gals). but mostly, we watched the little ones do their thing. the three of them are in such different stages but they are also pretty close in age. so while there are things that one can do that the others cannot, there are also some great opportunities for them to interact and play. i know that the gap will close as time passes and then it will get REALLY fun.

if these shots are any indication, we are going to have quite a party on our hands. sawyer being cute and playful and kicking and gleefully squawking. ridley chilling and sporting a serious look of concern (he’s in trouble with those two girls and he knows it). and elinor giving us all kinds of mischief-face while trying to wrap her arms around the other two and control the situation. such a ring master.

oh man, welcome to the circus. the grown-ups are in for some fun and major high jinks.


wordless wednesday | scenes from the celebration of 31

IMG_1367_2 IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1368_2 IMG_1372 IMG_1369 IMG_1381 IMG_1382

 · · · · · and some bonus shots of me and my little ones · · · · ·

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