taking stock | july’s end


|making| the most of my breastfeeding sessions with elinor. starting the official weaning process is, a lot. but i know it is time. she is absolutely ready and i aaaaam reaaaaaaaady kiiiiinda soooooorta. bittersweet. but loving our new post-wake-up snuggle time. exploring new mama-daughter experiences will be great.
|cooking| up the last of our seasonal CSA. whatever will we do until the next harvest?
|drinking| coconut water and juice. all the juice.
|reading| spurgeon + my new reads that my hubby gave me for my bday + nutrition textbooks + product white papers + the freedom of the will + elinor’s selections which vary according to the day and mood + collecting my reads for the beach, yay!
|wanting| the fall to be here, like…now.
|looking| into dance classes for elinor. eep! itty bitty ballet cuteness!
|playing| lots of music. all the time. lots of french and classical and mellow jams.
|wasting| veggie fiber and dry pulp. planning to convert that to a combo of mirepoix + garnish + compost.
|sewing| nada. but talking to my mom about what she’s got going on in that department.
|wishing| for a backyard garden like ina garten.
|enjoying| my super duper early morning time with hubby > with my savior > then by myself and with my work.
|waiting| for my car to be fixed.
|liking| bright patterns.
|wondering| about so many things.
|loving| watching ben work so hard and be a total rockstar at the office then coming home and being such a sweet and attentive papa.
|hoping| for some rain…
|marveling| at God’s provision and tenderness.
|needing| to quit being such a control-freak.
|smelling| rose incense and orange peel and peaches.
|wearing| a chambray skirt and tank and birks and head wrap.
|noticing| the intense whiteness of my skin.
|knowing| more and more and less and less.
|thinking| about chopping my hairs. and freaking my hubby out with talk of bleached out blonde or steel gray, one day.
|feeling| tight. like, muscle tight. not like, that is wicked tight, yo.
|bookmarking| mama-daughter matching stuff.
|opening| the fridge to get some dinner rolling.
|giggling| feels extra good.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.

food trucks and tractors and a heck of a good time. and sweat, plenty of sweat.

IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0121

last night was our weekly trip to the farm and it was just what the doctor ordered. it is such a nice way to break up the week. playing and taking a night off from cooking and mingling with folks and getting our vitamin D fix.

before making our usual beeline to the uprooted kitchen food truck, we took a few minutes to play in the grass with elinor and let our wiggles and giggles run wild. twirling and running and chasing. you know, child’s play.

IMG_0124 IMG_0113 IMG_0114 IMG_0118

and then, we placed our dinner order and grabbed a table to wait and people-watch. after we had sweat off any existing calories and liquid left in our systems, it was chow time. man, we devour that stuff. every last bite. even the lettuce at the bottom of the bowl. that’s when you know the food is good. when even the plain old lettuce is gobbled up. ben got the vegan cheese crisp. a whole wheat tortilla filled with roasted butternut squash + daiya {vegan} cheese + sliced tomatoes + grilled peppers and onions + walnut meat + basil + kale + cashew cream. and i got the black bean sweet potato burger topped with chipotle slaw + corn + avocado + radish. SO GOOD. elinor enjoyed bits and pieces from both of our meals, so she probably got the best deal of all.

IMG_0123 IMG_0122 IMG_0115 IMG_0117 IMG_0116

after dinner, elinor hopped in the sling and we went for a stroll of the grounds. pointing and babbling and observing. elinor seemed pretty taken with the tractor so naturally, i paused to tell her all about that. you know, expert that i am. a regular farm hand. yup.

after we were sufficiently red-cheeked and delirious, we grabbed our CSA goodies and bid the farm a fond farewell for the week.

i am so grateful for my little family and our everyday adventures. it sure makes life sweet.


#swankyfreshlypicked giveaway winner


hip, hip, hooray!


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a freshly picked review


we are major fans of our FP moccs. quite possibly, obsession level at this point. but a girl’s gotta have shoes! and when it comes to footwear, i have always held the quality over quantity approach…that’s not to say that quantity isn’t a major plus. wink.

elinor has always been a no-fuss gal. she has always liked being barefoot. and socks? ha! those babies come right off. once she was out of her itty-bitty infant stage where growth is a little wonky and unpredictable, it was all about freshly picked. we took the plunge and bought our very first pair from an auction supporting trax bacquet. and we haven’t looked back. we are officially hooked. elinor loves her “sooooos” {shoes}. and at this point, she really thinks that shoes = freshly picked moccs. they are all she’s known. get them started right! on the right foot, if you will.

since that first purchase, we have snagged a few colors in each size. i have resisted the urge to buy ALL THE MOCCS whenever her feet grow. but i am trying to pace myself. we just received these goldenrod ones and i am totally smitten. so sunshiny and happy. the perfect yellow. and elinor gets so excited about her “yeahyo sooooos”. using shoes is an accepted method for teaching toddlers colors, right? 

each morning, i help elinor get dressed and then she gets to select her color of the day to complete the ensemble. and the bright colors really do work with anything. that’s the beauty. they are statement pieces. the toddler equivalent of a metallic or animal print. a neutral. but anything but neutral. the funnest colors! {p.s. have you considered a safari line, susan? fun animal prints in suede and leather and metallic. just saying’}

IMG_0107 IMG_0106

but they aren’t just pretty to look at, they are so practical. oh supple leather. like buttah. they are soft where it counts and mold to the foot like a dream. they are roomy so there is space for the toes to wiggle and the foot to grow which extends the life of the shoe, big time. but, they also have a solid ankle for some support and a snug fit. the design is so functional and downright genius.

the feeling of barefoot freedom with the look of fun fashion. perfect.

and can we talk about the adorable footprint on the bottom? that’s something for the memory book, right there.

and since the quality is superb, i know that when elinor grows out of one size, i can just give them a little clean up and store them in their dust bag for next kiddos or to pass along. now, those are my kind of hand-me-downs.

thank you freshly picked. we heart you. and we can’t wait for our next pair to arrive. keep the cutesy coolness coming!


p.s. this and this

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lemony snicket!

since i am not really a swearing gal, an exclamatory “lemony snicket!” will just have to do. i guess you could say that i have been experiencing my own little series of unfortunate events in the past few weeks. i mean, you have to laugh at it right? sometimes the ridiculousness of it all is just too much.

as a funny-ha-ha-but-nonetheless-embarrassing example: last week, i told ben that i would do a solo grocery run while he prepped dinner. you guys! 45 minutes of wandering around whole foods! not a care in the world. checking stuff off my list. feeling pretty fab. one of the checkout ladies and i have established quite a rapport over the past few months. she is my go-to. we talk about new things in the store and swap recipe ideas and you know, yuk it up over the beep, beep, beep of the register. as we wrapped up our repartee, she gave me my total and i started fishing in my purse for the old wallet. not there. i explained the predicament and she chuckled and suspended my receipt while i gathered my thoughts.

i grabbed my phone and made the call to ben so he could hop in the car with E to bring me my moolah. i told him of my stupidity and gave him my simple solution. yeaaaahhh…except that i took the car with the carseat. shoot.

by this point, my face must have been the color of my beautiful beets that were mocking me from my cart. i sheepishly moved my almost-purchases to the side and ran to the car to drive back home. my little family greeted me outside. i rolled my eyes. ben held back the laughter. and i headed off to make things right at the store. so i am that person now.

life, man. sometimes it kicks you in the shorts a bit. and really, all you can do is brush yo shoulders off, laugh, ugly cry…whatever you need to do to move forward. just praying that you aren’t losing it. and praying for a new day and a heaping serving of fresh mercies. today is a new day. and this is the day that the Lord has made. i am going to rejoice and be glad. and i am going to see the good. because there is so much good. and things could be so much worse. but hey! let’s not try that on for size.


have you guys experienced a weird season? where things just feel a bit off-kilter? or where you feel like you just keep doing goofy things? you know, when it rains, it pours? 


caring for the temple

IMG_0096 IMG_0097IMG_0103

we are all about spending our money on food. the produce section is our pharmacy, i suppose. let food be thy medicine. it is an investment in our health and vitality which we need.

have i mentioned that elinor is super busy and wild? and she is only (almost} 21 months so we have a lot of energy expenditure in the coming years…

in case you haven’t noticed, i am a bit of a pitta so i am often drawn to cool, sweet, and stabilizing foods to balance myself out. especially during the crazy hot summer months. currently, we are eating all raw foods until dinner. it just feels good. it is all that i want and all that vibrant, juicy fruit and veg keeps me hydrated and happy. in the evenings my body starts to cool off and calm down so i start to get excited about more complex and hearty foods. something more satisfying that will carry me to the next day.

soooooo…that’s what’s happening around here! all the fruit and juice we can stand throughout the day and then sitting down to enjoy whatever tickles our fancy for dinner. that’s that. for the time being.

we like to take a holistic and big picture approach to things. not looking at just one day or even one week or month…but, seasons and years. lifespan, you know? over the course of a year and with the change of the seasons, my body wants different things. more warming foods during the cooler months and raw stuff in the hot months. there is a reason why we crave watermelon in the summer. there’s a reason why foods like that are in season. it aaaalll makes sense. truly, God did a remarkably complex work when he created these bodies of ours. we have mechanisms built in to give us cues and to keep things balanced. it is our job to take the proper actions to care for these temples. to focus on nourishment and wellness instead of deprivation or extremes. it isn’t yo-yoing and weigh-ins and punishment and counting – no pain, no gain. it is about enjoying the bounty that God has given us. eating for energy and enjoyment. caring for this precious gift, this temple of the Holy Spirit. have you read what they did to design and create and decorate the temples of the old testament? it was a big deal. as it should be. the earthly dwelling places of the Most High should be anything but blah. this body has been given to us to carry us through this life and do great things. we can’t be sluggish. we can’t be dilapidated. tiptop, i tell you! you gotta do what you can to keep it performing so you don’t miss opportunities. oh, and enjoy some cake from time to time. and cheese because, yum.

santé. to your health!

p.s. on another health-related topic…do you oil pull? i am a fan but hubby is not so sure. perhaps it is the coconut oil. he isn’t quite as cuckoo for coconuts as i. we go through two bottles a week around here. it is everything. oil pulling, moisturizer, spf, hair mask, cooking, diaper cream. do you have a favorite product? unconventional uses? do tell!