food + friends + fun

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whew! what a great weekend. food and friends. chicken and waffles. a day trip to tucson to meet two darling gals and their hubbies and babies, who were equally as darling. we packed a lot into a few days.

i got in a solid five-miler on saturday and returned for a mini “loga” session with miss elinor. not a super productive mat time but listening to her chirp, “lo-ga ma-ma?” as she nods wildly and drags my mat to me makes up for it. she’s so funny. and her da-dog (down dog) is on point. that’s her signature move. we are working on plank but she feels the same way her mama does about that one…

after breakfast, our little family headed out to open gym at a nearby play center. too fun. we rocked our sporty gear and socks and just ran around together. elinor was very composed during the whole exercise. she carefully chose her activities and moved cautiously from one to the next. meanwhile, ben and i turned into a bunch of goofballs and chucked squishy balls at each other in a ridiculous game of spousal dodgeball. pretty sure elinor got in a few eye rolls while she played nicely with her box of sensory toys. i blame our behavior on the michael jackson playlist blasting in the joint. it was so fab. and! and! elinor shared toys with a little boy. it was darling and made me all kinds of melty happy mama.

later on in the day after showers and naps (yes, there is a chance i took a little nap too…) we dropped off miss elinor for an evening of play at the grandparents’ house while us parents went out on the town for our monthly dinner club with some friends. so glad this plan is working out because it is great. our triple-date crew grabbed a table at lolo’s chicken and waffles. and oh man, this local institution did not disappoint. we had THE BEST server ever and the food was crazy tasty. and guys, they have kool-aid on tap. i did not partake but i love the idea of it. we spent a couple of hours eating our way through stacks of cinnamon-y waffles and fried chicken WITH the hot sauce. it is must. that spicy with the maple sweetness of the syrup is magic. can’t wait for next month. perhaps we will take the party outdoors as i have high hopes for the weather in october…

on sunday, we hopped in the wagon for a little day trip to tucson. what is it about road trips? they feel so good. we had 90s alternative music pumping in the background and just enjoyed the ride. we talked. elinor napped. it was perfection. and it felt like any cares we might have had just blew out the sunroof within moments of hitting the highway. we need more of these. but i digress.

we rolled into town at noon, parked our car outside of zinburger and parked our booties at a big table of great people. i have befriended kate and marisa on instagram in the last year or so. i have watched them handle life’s challenges and changes with grace and beauty and i have watched them grow their families too. these ladies, i tell ya. they are lovely. and they have some pretty darn cute babies. oh, and while the gals and littles had a lovefest, our men bonded over talk of fatherhood and sports and burgers. elinor shot the babies some sassy faces. she wasn’t too sure about all that cuteness competition at first but by the end of the meal, she was giving kisses and stroking baby heads and sharing toys and attempting to share her water too. precious, precious. and hey! they didn’t even kick us out of the restaurant! a 7 week old and a 4 month old and a 22 month old. we did it. of course, we failed to get a group shot…but, next time.

so, what else is there to say, really? it was one of the good ones.

oh wait, there’s more! the biggest news of all. we FINALLY made a decision on our dining table and chairs. the order is placed. we have a delivery date. happy dance and high fives. get ready for some dinner parties, y’all.

oh hey autumn, is that really you?


would you look at that? amber and vermilion! leaves on the ground.

on my run yesterday, i rounded a familiar corner by the bird sanctuary to head into the park and i was met with this gorgeous sight. the look of fall. mind you, it still felt much too warm to be fall. that crisp air hasn’t quite arrived yet, even in the early morning. but i am starting to see glimmers! to smell familiar scents. the light is changing. it seems cooler…in spite of the air conditioner kicking on far too often during the day. aromas of spices and soups waft through the air as i pass by neighborhoods, replacing those of summertime barbecue. pumpkin spice lattes are being ordered by those brazen arizonans who dare to sip such a beverage in 95 degree weather. i like your style even if i don’t particularly like that drink.

it is coming. and oh, it is my favorite. so when you next see me, don’t be alarmed if i am rocking some garb which can only be labeled as unseasonable and insensible for arizona. i care not. i am jumping in with gusto. autumn, i welcome you! bring me your delicious sweater weather.


odds and ends


a serene sight | sunrise on my run


a bowl of sweet | vanilla cinnamon date banana “nice cream” topped with cherries and chia


a common scene | two pups taking a morning nap


a sign of grace | the trinity bells at our church


a pile of fruitiness | breakfast of banana + tamarind + grapefruit + kiwi + apple + grapes


a sweaty lady | the change in seasons means getting back on my running game

{saturdaysanté} week 36 | september 6



my mom and i hosted a little brunch and shopping party for my sister-in-law on saturday and that was pretty much that. the house was bright and open and smelling like coffee cake plus ben took elinor for a fun little papa-daughter morning so there were no toys on the floor! which can only mean one thing…capture that moment on film. voila.

it was such a nice day. time with some lovely ladies buying fabulous bags and such. plus, brunch food which is just hands down the bestest. brunch is my excuse to eat bagels and pastries and drink a mimosa. you gotta. it’s brunch.

after the party wrapped up, we spent the afternoon just relaxing and playing. we went on a late-in-the-day grocery run to stock up for the week and then just let the day fade away into evening. it felt so nice.

and by the way, ninety degrees aside, everything has been feeling so autumnal. the light is shifting and fall is in the air. i love it. fall is just my favorite. and it is going to be a full and fun one, i can feel it.



a fantabulous fun-raiser

bag 2

bonjour beauties!

so, this weekend, my mom and i are honored and delighted to host a Thirty-One Par-Tay benefiting my sister-in-law rachel. rachel has started has started a business in order to set aside “adoption fund” money. what a wonderful way to go about it! and i can’t think of a more *fabulous* way to support the schroeder family on their journey to parenthood than by hosting a brunchy fête complete with shopping! oh, the bags. oodles and oodles of adorable options.

Thirty-One has the best stuff and is truly form meets function. more than that…fashion meets function! so darn cute. their products are well-made and stylish, as well as being incredibly versatile; performing a wide variety of functions for today’s busy women. and the company is all about connecting, celebrating, and encouraging women…which i especially love.

we plan to play games, nosh and sip, and hear all about rachel’s dreams for her business and family. fun and accessories and food and prizes, oh my!

if you are in the area, you are more than welcome to swing by. just leave me a comment and i will send you the particulars. but here’s the cool part…ONLINE SHOPPING FOR ALL!!! even if you can’t join us for the nibbles and sips, you can get in on the shopping fun from wherever you are. your pajamas, even. but don’t delay, the party only lasts for so long so get in there and do some damage, you won’t regret it.


and please share this with friends, family, neighbors, sisters, co-workers…the more the merrier. as i said, such darling things that are super practical and affordable…and supporting a great gal.

if you want to read more about rachel and nathan’s adoption process or if you would like to contribute directly, you can do that here:

and if you have questions, feel free to comment and i will connect with ya.