taking stock | august’s end


we need to discuss the fact that i am pretty sure i just completed the july end taking stock like, yesterday. how are we on the cusp of september? not that i am complaining. just saying, it is wild.

|making| tea. forcing fall to arrive. go away you hundred degree temps! shoo!
|cooking| lots of rice.
|drinking| green juice and homemade kombucha.
|reading| augustine + goodnight gorilla + ND and Seminary and PhD stuff. you know, new decade life goals research and such. + one more thing by b.j. novak
|wanting| to buy sweaters but my sweat glands won’t let me just yet.
|looking| at my freshened up bookshelves.
|playing| with my hair. to chop or not to chop. what the heck do i want to do with it for fall?
|wasting| time thinking about stupid things like my hair.
|sewing| i really just need to remove this one. slacker.
|wishing| that elinor would quit trying to take off her diaper and clothes. are you potty trained yet? like, for realsies?
|enjoying| making plans for the next couple years of vacations and travels.
|waiting| for clothes to dry.
|liking| the sound of the wind.
|wondering| if i will ever learn how to play the piano. i really need to get back at it.
|loving| family walks before bedtime.
|hoping| that we get some good lemons and oranges from our trees…
|marveling| at God’s perfect timing.
|needing| to just make a decision about our dining table and chairs and put an end to all the nonsense.
|smelling| frankincense and patchouli.
|wearing| comfy soffe shorts from back in college and a roots canada t-shirt.
|noticing| the light shifting into a new season.
|knowing| that i’ve got it good.
|thinking| about how busy november will be.
|feeling| more calm and collected than i have in some time.
|bookmarking| decorative bits for the holiday season.
|opening| the sunroof.
|giggling| at elinor’s jokes. she’s got some major comedic timing.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.

mama musings | life with a little


oh, parenthood. you delightful and wild thing. so fun and so challenging. elation and worry. wonder and confusion. a marvelous mix of emotions which are captured in one moment… repeating for days and days and years and a lifetime. as simple and mundane as wiping a mouth and as complex and extraordinary as shaping a spirit. fulfillment and emptying of one’s self. tears of joy. and irrational toddlerhood “trauma” tears that burst forth and dry up in a blink. smiles and cuddles. sweet and sour. discipline and instruction and communication. babblings and repetitive nonsensical words. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

head bumps. kisses. hugs. soiled diapers. applause and uhohs. tickles and giggles. messes and cleanups. toys and books and crayons and bubbles. songs and prayers and dainty amens. counting and abc-ing. sharing. scribbling. dancing. filling and pouring water. pouring out your heart.

and you know how littles seem to know exactly when you are at the tipping point? that moment when they have given you their best sass and you are rolling up your sleeves and fastening your serious parenting suspenders. that moment. but before you can get in there and do your discipline thing, they look you in both eyeballs and say, “hi maaaaaama” and lean in for the biggest hug. they pounce like an adorable furry little creature. something extra fuzzy with super big eyes. and they ruin your seriousity. you were going to rock that parenting moment. instead, you are smiling like a fool and have forgotten all about their infraction. toddlers, they are good.

speaking of good…lets talk about some of the adorableness that just melts your heart. elinor likes to make mama and papa play the kissing game. she puts one hand on the back of papa’s head and one hand on the back of mama’s head and smooshes our faces together while making her kissy face and corresponding sound effect. over and over and over. it is nice to have a little one around to make sure we are getting our recommended daily amount of PDA. and then there is her “papa! papa hooooooome!” exclamation whenever she hears a “vroom-vroom car” drive by in the afternoon. she loves when papa comes home. she gets to tell him all her tales from the day, which are wild. oh, and elinor is really into possessives right now. sometimes, that can be kind of obnoxious with mine this and mine that. but, she has started coming up to me, putting her little hand on my chest, and intently declaring, “mama. mine, mama”. yes, elinor. i am mine mama. your mama. and you are mine little one. we sure do love our little peanut. God gave us a good one.

xo, two bonkers parents


oh hey, and while you are here…here are some random parenting things that i am loving these days:

chrissy’s blog and the story of grey and the trash truck + chrissy’s @lifewithgrey instagram 

this satire from mcsweeney’s

the wonderful wit of jill

rookie parenting mistakes

sort of wordless wednesday | from the last 24 hours


vegan enchiladas which weren’t just “good for vegan food” good, but truly some of the best mexican food i have ever eaten. i might be nourriture-ing this bad boy because you will want to try this out.


elinor likes to make a little kitchen floor picnic spot for herself so she can sip her coco-almond milk and supervise my breakfast making.IMG_0271

lunch | one juicy and delish mango. an almost overflowing jar of beet + carrot + celery + apple + turmeric juice. tigernuts, my new favorite food. tigernut horchata, you and i have a date…

three things

· un ·

chilling to the breeze: an appreciation of jj cale by eric clapton and friends.

listening to and thinking about the liturgists project. what an interesting concept. love me a conversation-starter.

  · deux · 

enjoying arquiste for j.crew perfume. no 57.

curved oak walls of the gallery and the aromatic cocktails at the bar are evoked in a woodsy blend of cedarwood, aged whiskey and cinnamon.

 · trois · 

sipping hibiscus water + all about the homemade yerba mate kombucha + obsessed with my morning tonic with fulvic and humic complex

snacking on TigerNuts + avocados on everything + eating all the popcorn, my delicious little vice.

{saturdaysanté} week 34 | august 23

IMG_0263 IMG_0264 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0265


well, this wasn’t the most relaxing weekend…but we sure packed a lot in! so, that’s good. i guess if you can’t have a chill weekend, productivity is second best. i mean, there are definitely weekends when all i want is to just crank out a bunch of work and check projects off the list and such. but i really wasn’t feeling that for this weekend. this week was pretty bananas, folks. work stuff and toddler-ness, etc. we felt pretty stretched. and we both wanted to do absolutely nothing come saturday. but that just wasn’t going to happen. and so, you roll with it and make the best of it and carve out fun and rejuvenating moments as you go.

ben had to work from home for a good part of saturday {thanks to some developments from said bananas week} and elinor had more energy and crazy than we have ever seen. she wanted to do it all! all at once. oh, and there were groceries to buy and put away and plan and prepare. and did i mention that we’ve been on the hunt for a new car? yup. so that was on the docket for the day as well.

we got the meal planning and grocery shopping done early. and p.s. we have officially graduated to two carts. thanks, produce! once we were fed and settled at home, the day really took off. and it is a bit of a blur. all that i know is ben completed all his work and elinor played hard and made tons of messes and napped really well and i got to drive my new mama mobile off the lot. i am kind of obsessed. a black on black on black {once the super dark tint is in} beauty that is the perfect car for us right now. still kind of sedan-y but extra trunk space and more of a family car feel. i know that one of these days, i will give up my small car ways and get a big ol’ SUV, but not now. now is all about the wagon. i have been looking at a few options but when push came to shove, i just couldn’t betray my loyal VW. they have been good to me since 16. and they have grown right along with us. and so…jettawagen! TDI folks. crazy amazing mileage and so much zip! turbo, i like you a lot. plus, lots of sporty features for you, know…sporty, sporty us. and a massive panoramic sunroof which i am itching to open. come on fall!

to christen the car, we decided to take it out for a little spin after dinner.

sidebar: dinner was a perfect weekend-y meal. sprouted whole grain bread with extra seeds all toasted up and smothered with vegan mayo. then some smoky tempeh + avocado + red lettuce. the vibe of a BLT but with tempeh instead of bacon and avocado instead of tomatoes because, ick. so, a TLA. you guys, you need some of this in your life. and i won’t be upset if you add back the tomatoes.

okay, so after dinner. we hopped in the car and went out for some errand-running slash meandering and relaxing. off to the biltmore fashion park! our favorite kind of playground…

elinor ran around and got her wiggles and wild out on the lawn. we spent way too much time and money in teavana. we window shopped and rolled out eyes at the sweaters on display in the j.crew window {while simultaneously swooning over the sweaters on display in the j.crew window and promptly heading inside to plan our fall wardrobes}. and then, we were sucked into the new jonathan adler store. yay! FINALLY. phoenix is on the map folks. and let me tell you…a dangerous place. so bright and fun and very poirot. midcentury charm meets exotic travels and southern chic. love it. i am a big time fan of jonathan adler designs and i am in big trouble now that there is a showroom here. i have already found four chairs that i want. like, really need. and the couches? too cool. plus they have this velvet bed that would be over-the-top amazing. we really need a bigger house or just an additional house. that would work too. okay. so get a massive or additional house and then buy all the things required to fill it. american dream. but this store really was a dream. we had so much fun playing and planning and yukking it up with the fabulous sales guy. we will be back. oh, we will be back.

recent foodstuffs

the happiest of fridays to you! to get your appetite and salivary glands all ready for the weekend, i figured i would share some of our recent “instagram” meals over here on the blog.

and you don’t need to say it. i know that i should be better at posting recipes. slap on the wrist. but i find it more interactive and fun and easy-breezy to just post the basics on IG and then answer questions as a go. call me lazy. but if there is ever something you see on here {or over there} that you would more info on, just let me know! i am happy to jot down some notes and helpful hints. and i will really truly get back to regular nourriture posts.

* look, marisa! i am taking this step in your honor. more consistent recipe-posting to come. you know, so i can get a good collection going on the blog that will somehow turn into a sweet book deal one day. it’s that easy, right? {wink, wink}


quinoa pasta tossed with roared garlic and topped with ratatouille and a light dusting of parm.


a CSA feast. simple wheat berries topped with a sauté of hubbard squash and garlic cloves with a splash of balsamic. finished with some celtic salt and roasted hubbard squash seeds.


coconut oil roasted butternut squash with garlic and black pepper + black beans with caramelized onions and hungarian wax peppers and anaheim chiles + some avocado to cool things down a bit.


celery + dino kale + lime + green apple + ginger juice.


forbidden rice ramen tossed in tamari served with coconut oil wok’d broccoli + onion + cabbage + peas.


a chip feast! dry baked organic spud wedges served with ketchup {using orange blossom honey + bananas + raisins for sweetness and a random mix of earthy spices like cinnamon + allspice + cloves}


garlic wilted spinach + curried cauliflower + red pepper hummus + extra sticky jade pearl rice.


nori rolls using leftover sticky jade pearl rice and veggie odds-and-ends. vinegared rice rolled up with freshly grated ginger + cauliflower + carrots + zucchini + red bell pepper + avocado. served with tamari and liquid aminos for dipping.


pretty and frothy magenta juice. 3/4 purple cabbage head + 2 oranges + 1 grapefruit.


zoodles {spiralized zucchini} warmed and tossed in a veggie sauce made from a robust roast of cauliflower + red peppers + garlic + tomatoes. a drizzle of olive oil, some oregano, a sprinkling of celtic salt, and a light dusting of parm to finish. perhaps a dash of nutritional yeast if you’ve got it. it is a pantry staple for us. mixed into elinor’s power porridge, sprinkled on popcorn, etc.