last friday, hubby and i participated in my office bowling date night.  i come from a family of pretty darn good bowlers.  and i have been known to have a good game or two.  but ben is not a super big fan of bowling.  and, he doesn’t really allow himself to get too worked up and competitive, he is pretty mellow which serves as a lovely compliment to my crazy.  anyway, we ventured out to spend three hours at cosmic bowling with all the characters [and their spouses] from my workplace.  they are a wild bunch.  and very competitive.

to be honest, it was not my best showing.  but, we did have fun watching everyone compete and laugh and joke.  there were even a couple of turkeys in the bunch! [look it up, people].

i think that hubby might be all bowled-out for the year.  but, i’m sure that if we added a touch of class to the whole friday night bowling thing…i might be able to persuade him.  i’m thinking that the next time we go bowling, we should go with our families, enjoy a nice dinner, and hit the lucky strike. i’m game.

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