snaps & snippets & blurbs

a warm welcome to a new week!  hubby and i had a simply splendid weekend together.  here are a few little snaps…

waiting for the baroque concert to begin + my handsome and remarkably talented hubby leading those strings while the youth soloists are featured + a post-concert splurge at jalapeño inferno + we split some queso and mini chimis…it really hit the spot as our evening snack🙂 + my current obsession in a cup…32oz iced decaf americano from coffee bean and tea leaf.  big coffee flavor in a huge cup with heaps of tiny ice cubes.  i can already tell that this will be my go-to summer beverage.  it was lovely to sip on our 80-something days…and will be even more refreshing when it is 120 outside [eek] + weekend breakfast snapshots…harissa eggs with gluten-free bagels [a guilt free indulgence] and savory sweet potato hash + charlie’s adorable face…he likes to sit as close to me as possible + driving around town on a warm spring day, just me and my man

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