contemplations of mr. charles


good day to you ladies and gents.  mr. charles here.

you have probably noticed an absurd lack of my presence on this online life journal.  it is not for lack of effort or content on my part, no sir.  i have dropped hint after hint.  i have made my way into picture after picture.  doing something that mum calls, “photobombing” or some other such nonsense.  alas, my presence is sadly lacking.  i suppose that i am rubbish.  old news.  i used to be the star!  a staple in this space.  featured almost weekly.  hmmmm…am i going the way of the cheeseburger on here?  when was the last time you saw one of those?  exactly.  apparently, my parents are playing out some kind of awkward identity crisis or quarter-life crisis or transition.  well, i for one am not in favor of such antics.  i am far too excellent to be overlooked.  i was here first.  i have dibs.  and i refuse to go the way of the cheeseburger, relegated to a here-or-there mention.  i declare!  bring back the classics.  give us our due!

sure, that tiny human is likeable.  but i am much more affable, wouldn’t you agree?  she barely has enough fur to cover her huge head.  and where are all her teeth?  ha!  not even a full set of teeth.  laughable.  and yet, this “elinor” gets to enjoy primo lap placement.  she makes some “aaaauup!” sound, lifts her arms to the sky, and nods her head…and mum instantly acquiesces to her tyrannical demands.  absurd.  mum lifts her up and plops her on her lap and reads story after story to her.  what about me?  where did my lap go?  i was bred for lap lounging!  i have yet to determine what this “elinor” was bred for… but the lap, that is my thing.  my territory.  and now, i am forced to compete for real estate with this little Napoleon.

enough, i say!  case in point: on a particularly chilly day, a week or so ago, mum sat on the floor during playtime and covered herself in a furry blanket.  oh!  the ideal lap!  the “elinor” was busy with her blocks and i decided to make my move.  carpe the lap!  in a swift and smooth motion, i was there.  curled up.  happy.  i gazed dreamily into mum’s eyes to convey just how joyous an ocassion this was.  and then, sacrebleu!  the “elinor” spotted me.  clearly, she was overcome with envy and instantly made her way to my happy place, determined to foil my bliss.  she gave a few feeble attempts to climbing up on mum’s lap, but i was steadfast.  i would not make room.  this is not a sharing situation.

but then, that tiny human pulled out the pièce de résistance.  she delicately stroked my fur, flashed me her quasi-toothed grin, and then placed her head on my back.  this, this is “the hug”.  so sweet.  so sneaky.  and yes, i caved.  i made room for that “elinor”.  and surprisingly, there was enough space for both of us.  sigh.  i suppose that i can share my mum’s lap from time to time.  i do believe that those elinor hugs are worth it.

until next time!  which is hopefully much sooner than the last time…

contemplations of mr. charles


salutations, dear readers.  mr. charles here.  it is my intention to catch you up on the happenings around my abode.  today, i would like to focus my attention on video above.  i know that you are thinking, “aawwhh, isn’t that just the cutest!” well, i would like to offer a counterpoint.  you see, i happen to think that this crawling business is quite an annoyance.  my parents brought this tiny human into our home and thus far, it has been bearable.  i get the occasional face-lick in.  sometimes i snatch up some tasty bits during feeding time.  i am getting my fair share of lap time after that elinor is asleep.  sometimes she makes a cute giggling sound at me.  and i give her a bark in return.  she even plays with me on the floor.  we stretch out and roll around together.  it is somewhat enjoyable.  i endure her little human quirks because my parents seem to like it when i am pleasant toward her.

but, what i cannot abide…is tail pulling.  do you see what she is doing to me in that video?  what an atrocious display.  that wicked gleam in her eye.  and my own mother encouraging such behavior?  and in such an obnoxious tone? reprehensible, i say.  i insist that they gain control of this unruly lady, post-haste!  i am sure that this will be no easy task.  she seems to be quite determined.

i do hope that my outlook improves in the coming months.  but i fear that it could become more trying.  i have been hearing this “toddler” term being tossed about.  and from what i understand, it could be an interesting time.  as if that tiny human isn’t cheeky enough already.  tsk. tsk.  i suppose i will have to meet her spunk with an equal show of attitude.  you have been warned.


contemplations of mr. charles

Charliei must say, i am starting to warm to this “elinor”.  she smells good.  and she has a pretty cute little face.  i like to hang out with her in her toy paradise that mom bought for her amusement.  boy, she is spoiled.  where is MY toy paradise mom?  regardless, she is a good playmate.  sometimes i get to lick her fingers and the occasional ear or two.  and once i tried to lick up some stuff that she spit out of her mouth, which i can only assume was for me, but mom would have none of that.  apparently that is “gross charlie” and mom shooed me away.  mostly, she just sits there and makes her tiny human sounds.  i don’t quite understand her language but mom seems to.  mom has started talking to her in goos and ghees and gahs and pfffs.  the two of them sound pretty silly, if you ask me.  i like to respond to all this nonsense with a sassy little grumble, just to stay involved in the conversation as to not be left out of any inside jokes.

all in all, life is good with the tiny human.  if staring and drooling and swatting and batting and ear-tugging means love…then she must like me an awful lot.

contemplations of mr. charles

greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

well…things have really changed around here.  we now have a tiny human living with us.  you know that elinor that everyone was talking about?  well, turns out she is a tiny human.  she has some fur on her head which i like to sniff and occasionally groom with my tongue, only when my mom and dad aren’t looking.  she makes funny sounds all the time – squeaks and hiccups and sighs.  she also makes a really loud “waaahh” noise every so often.  i don’t like that sound and i don’t think my parents like it either.

since bringing her home, coco and i have been trying to adjust.  coco has accepted things rather quickly.  she just wags her tail and visits from time to time before lying down on her furry blanket.  i, on the other hand, have taken up my post as protector of the tiny human.  from the first moment i met her, i knew that i needed to take care of her.  this is my charge.  i stand guard while mom feeds her and i stay on high alert whenever others come to our home and try to hold her.  i do my best to make sure people don’t make her “waaahh”.  and i sit nearby while she is eats and burps and sleeps – just to make sure that she isn’t disturbed.

i must say that i am quite enjoying my new life as elinor guardian.  i think that we will get along rather swimmingly.

snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was a very nice weekend.  we have been so busy-busy that a couple days of down time sure felt good.  hubby and i did a lot of relaxing, movie-watching, and snacking.  we did have a laundry and ironing party on sunday evening so we weren’t complete bumps on a log.  here’s to a fresh week!

just me and my man + a double date night with my parents at mellow mushroom + so cool inside + we were seated in the psychedelic room + a perfect salad + an amazing pizza to share + our weekend couch companions.  some of the cutest little faces around + my beverage of choice: sparkling water with crushed ice and lots of lime + popcorn! + movie time.  an oldie but goodie.  you can’t go wrong with frank sinatra, bing crosby, grace kelly, and louis armstrong + consuming LOTS of cheese this weekend…cheese plate with fig and olive rainforest crisps with a side of marinated mozzarella + this fabulously sassy little face…coco is such a glamour-puss.

snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was a big one.  dinners with family, a birthday celebration, car races, and memorial day.

here is the pictoral plethora to prove it…

the weekend is here + a game of scrabble + we used all of the letters!  such word nerds + quick stop at jimmy johns + my very handsome date + a tasty sandwich for him and a turkey, lettuce roll-up for me + can’t forget the chips and oatmeal cookie + our weekend entertainment…sherlock holmes season two and burn notice + the buddies enjoying some lap time + summertime sunshine + a refreshing pink drink for ben + homemade tostadas and enchiladas at the whitehouse home…sooo amazingly delicious + dessert: warm berries over graeter’s ice cream + off to the races! + some sunday brunch while we watch indy + hanging out with old family friends during our annual tradition + mr. charles being a good boy on his many car rides this weekend